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Writerbay review: How to earn Rs 45000/Month on writerbay.com, India.

Here is another content writing – A freelance website through which you can earn money as a writer. Earlier we talked about Verblio which is an amazing website for content writing. You must check that out too. After searching for various content writing websites, I found this as the best alternative to Verblio. And yeah it’s for India, USA, Philippines, And Canada. The website which I’m talking about is Writerbay. Let me tell you more about this freelance website.

What is Writerbay?

A content writing freelance website for high-standard writings. It was established in 2007. All you have to do to start earning from this website is – apply according to your expertise. They offer the biggest preference for writing jobs. And that’s the reason every individual gets their work according to their expertise, which will not only improve their writing skills but will also enhance their knowledge in that particular field. It makes job hunting easy and saves a lot of time.

Here are the things Writerbay provides –

  1. No registration fees and a free lifetime membership
  2. Wide variety of assignments
  3. You have the right to oversee your workload
  4. Adequate room for personal development
  5. Competitive salary
  6. They pay you twice per month
  7. They promote their writers according to their work 
  8. Writer support team 24×7
  9. Unbiased terms and conditions.

What are the requirements to be a writer on writerbay?

If you urge to be a writer on writerbay then, you must meet the following requirements-

  1. You must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. The higher education level writers get access to higher-paying tasks.
  2. You must have perfect grammar and excellent English language proficiency.
  3. A professional and collaborative communication style.
  4. Good Internet access
  5. You must have the ability to use either of their payment options – Webmoney, Hyperwallet, and Payoneer are their payment possibilities.

If you have experience or a Bachelor’s degree in any of the following, you can register without any further doubt.

screenshot of writerbay requirements
screenshot of writerbay requirements

This list is non-comprehensive. Personal experience is also valued since they offer a lot of non-educational writing jobs too.

How to Connect with writerbay?

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Follow these four simple steps to sign in as a writer at writerbay-

  1. Registration

    Fill out the application form and provide personal and contact information.

  2. Grammar test

    You have to pass the grammar test and how to avoid plagiarism to be approved. Here you’ll have MCQs. There are no minimum marks, the more right answers, the better.

  3. Upload your sample

    You have to write a short prompt on a given topic and submit it.

  4. Upload your CV

    You have to upload your CV along with a photo of your higher education certificate.

That’s all. Now, you have to wait until they evaluate your application.

How does it work?

Here is how it works from getting projects to payments.

Select the writing Project –

When a customer demands a project, they start finding the writer according to the required criteria. You will get various jobs daily, the only thing you have to do is select one which suits your expertise. If you have any queries about the selected project then you can directly ask the client or get help from their 24×7 support staff.

Upload Your Work –

As soon as your work is over, you have to submit your project on your profile and mark it as “Final”. The client will review your work. If they like your work then the amount for the project will be credited to your account. And in case if correction is required you’ll have extra time for that.

Get Paid for your Work –

As I said before they offer you a competitive salary. You can work either as a full part or a part-time. They have 3 payment possibilities, you must have access to any one of them to get the payment. Their 3 payment options are – WebMoney, Hyperwallet, and Payoneer. You get paid twice per month. If your balance exceeds $100 then only your money will be released.

What is the Average salary at Writerbay?

Salary is distributed according to the level you are in –

  • Regular Level
  • Advanced Level
  • Pro Light Level
  • Pro Level


Days Worked per MonthNo. of PagesSalary


Days Worked per MonthNo. of PagesSalary

You can check others’ level salary too via following this link.

Writerbay Reviews

Writerbay has a customer score of 4.2 stars out of 5 from 132 reviews, indicating that maximum clients are commonly happy with their purchases. It ranks eighth amongst different writing sites.

I hope, you found this blog useful and I’m sure a writer will love this with no doubt. Thanks for reading this blog. It’s highly appreciated. Below are a few FAQs you must check out.

Few Frequently Asked Questions

Is Writerbay legitimate?

Yes, writerbay is legitimate. According to Glassdoor, they have 1001-5000 employees currently with a company rating of 4/5 star. It is a content writing freelance website. It offers a variety of available writing jobs.

What is the maximum score for the test?

The maximum score for the grammar test is 15 points, there is no minimum score.

How long will it take for your account to be reviewed?

It usually takes up to two business weeks to review your application after submitting all the required documents.

Can You reapply? If you get denied.

No, You can’t re-apply. In case you want then it’s possible after over a year or more.

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