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Verblio – How to earn 60$ every day for writing content, 2021?

Do you love writing? Or Do you want quality content for your agency or business? Then you must read this till the very end. While I was browsing, I found an awesome website (Verblio.com) that deals with both i.e., Content Writing and Content Providing. In simple words, you can write content on the requested topics according to your interest and expertise. And a buyer will buy your content and you will be paid for your work. Sounds awesome. Isn’t it? Let me tell you more about it.

What is Verblio?

Verblio was founded by Scott Yates and Wade Green in 2011. Steve Pockross is currently the CEO of Verblio. Verblio gives a way to Multimedia content creation with a focus on high standard writing and SEO. You can either sign up as a buyer or as a writer. They provide quality content with their pro writers. They don’t have 1star, 2star, or 3star writers, they have writers which meet their high standards.

Let’s start as a buyer and then we will see what we need to become a writer at Verblio.

As a Buyer

You don’t need to worry about the content. The writers here at Verblio are setting an example of great and high-standard writing. You just need to be smart enough to select the best product which you are looking for. There are different kinds of content that are provided here, just select the one which suits best for your agency or business. Well, there is more to content marketing than content creation. And if both things are done at best, that’s where you grow. 

Here are the types of content they provide

  • Podcast Summaries
  • Content Refresh
  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Website Content
  • Videos
  • Ebooks
  • Pillar Content
  • Content Clusters
  • Product Category Pages
  • Product Descriptions

Here are the few which they don’t look at

  • Social Media
  • Case Studies
  • Email Campaigns
  • HR Manuals
  • Jumbotron Text
  • Term Papers

How verblio keeps quality on point and cost under control?

  1. Ensuring Great writers 

Only the top 4% of all who apply at Verblio ultimately become Verblio writers; They curate with more focus upfront.

  1. Writers found you and match on Expertise

Writers are incentivized to find clients that fit their expertise. This helps in high-standard content. When you purchase their content, they get paid. Win-win.

  1. Open feedback loop

Feedback is shared. Writers read the feedback you’ve left on your previous pieces of content before writing for you, which ultimately saves time and brings out the best.

  1. Subscription model

It helps you build a long and strong relationship with the writer, which ultimately helps you to express your ideas and get better and better content each time, you ask for.

Pricing for subscription

You can check out their pricing on their website or just click here. Now, no more spending money on writer’s time instead buys writers’ products.

In all of their plans, you get 100% original content with unlimited rounds of edits. Built-in WordPress & HubSpot concept.

How to Request Content on Verblio?

ALL ABOARD – They’ll see your website, CTAs, SEO requirements, and style guide, which will help them create content that suits your niche.

BUILD YOUR PLAN – Choose your subscription to get exactly the content you need.

REQUEST CONTENT – You need to select the content type. Then, enter a title, description, CTAs,  keywords, and details. You can also set priorities or assign a deadline.

RECEIVE AND REVIEW CONTENT – After your work is done, you’ll get 48-78 Hrs to review your content. You can accept, decline or request edits as needed.  

LEAVE FEEDBACK AND BUILD YOUR TEAM – You must rate and give feedback for your content. It’ll help you get better content next time you request content. Before writing for you, writers read your feedback and then know you and your business better. The same writer will write for you if you love their work. So, you can build your team, and over time, they’ll understand the content you are looking for.

That’s all if you are here as a buyer. The only thing you have to do is, select the best content according to your niche.

As a Writer (Verblio)

You can grow your career as a writer with the simplest and flexible freelance job here. No need for 9-5, now it depends on you when and how much to work. Unlike other platforms, you will continuously get the work from your favorite clients as they are on a subscription service. They always have work for you when you need it. The best thing is they’ll match you with the perfect customer based on your expertise. It will help both you and your client.

What do you need to become a Verblio writer?

  • Perfect Grammar
  • Strong Research Skills
  • An understanding of modern content marketing and SEO
  • A professional and collaborative communication style
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be a regular writer and have writing chops
  • U.S. citizenship & a valid Social Security Number

As a writer, you also need to pass the rigorous grammar test and plagiarism training module. Then your sample will be reviewed by their in-house team. If you’ll meet all of their requirements, you’ll be able to offer that sample for sale to a customer immediately.

Steps to follow further –
  1. You need to apply as a writer there.
  1. Select a job according to your expertise.
  1. Do the research for your work.
  1. Create the content which stands out.
  1. Work at your best, and get higher payable jobs.
  1. Since Verblio is a subscription website, make sure you build a good relationship with the client.

How much does Verblio pay?

They pay $10.50 for around 300-400 words posts and beyond that. It varies on the word length. They offer content for about 3000 words. To know their payment module, you will check out their content calculator by clicking here. When you continue working for Verbio, you will get points that ultimately allow you to take higher-paying jobs.

They pay only via Paypal, so make sure you have a PayPal account. You will be paid every amount of money, there is no minimum or maximum amount. As a beginner, you’ll get the simplest jobs.

Verblio is available in which countries?

To keep their writing standards high, Verblio only allows US citizens to apply as a writer. Well, it’s good but, I didn’t like this as not being a US citizen. Though, you can buy their products from anywhere in the world.

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Are there any Verblio alternatives?

Writerbay is the best alternative to verblio. However, there are other alternatives too.

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Hope you found it useful. And I’m sure a writer would love this.

Few frequently asked questions

How much do you make writing for verblio.com?

They pay $10.50 for around 300-400 words post and beyond that.

Is Verblio a trusted company?

As per reviews on google and indeed, Verblio is a trusted website.
verblio overall review -source - indeed.com

What’s it like to work at Verblio?

Positive Review verblio positive reivew-source- indeed.com Negative Review verblio negative review- source- indeed.com

What are the Pros and Cons of Verblio?

Pros of Verblio –
1. They have a point system, when you reach a higher level you’ll get high-paying jobs.
2. There are plenty of works available here.

Cons of Verblio –
1. According to some freelance writers, you will get just about  60$ for a 1000 word article at a higher level.
2. It’s quite difficult to hold on to customer support service.

Verblio Alternatives you should know about?

If you’re not satisfied with Verblio or you can’t work on it, then try these alternatives.
Skyword, Contently, and Cracked. Or get the 10 best alternatives here.

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