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Verblio Alternatives: Top 10 best content writing – Freelance websites.

If you’re searching for verblio alternatives that mean, their services are not available in your country or you’re not satisfied with the service of verblio as an author or as a purchaser of their services. As an author, maybe you want to try other websites that pay more and have a user-friendly community. On the other hand for the buyers of verblio services, perhaps you’ve been disappointed with their content writing style and need to switch with the way of writing that matches your brand more precisely.

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I will cover the top 10 best verblio alternatives available out there in 2021.

On the first spot of our list is writerbay,

1. Writerbay

Established in 2007- Writerbay is outstanding amongst other freelance writing companies on the web. According to glassdoor, currently, they have 1001-5000 employees with a 4/5 star. Average writer pay rates in Writerbay are based on the level of writer, the number of pages you write per day, and the days you work per month.

If you are wondering about the writer level, they have a sum of 4 levels named Regular, Advanced, Pro Lite, and Pro.

Writerbay pays $1275 if you are at a regular level and pro-level writers earn around $2016. There are different things that likewise decide your compensation.

As indicated by writerbay the current Top 5 writers’ profits for the last 30 days are around $6934 – $4026 in Indian rupees it would be Rs 57724.98 – Rs 294793.88. 

Among the other verblio alternatives Writerbay is a decent choice for people living in India.

Is writerbay available in India?

Yes, it is, you can earn by registering as a freelance writing job in India.

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2. Apna writer

Established in 2020, Apna Writer is a sole proprietorship that currently employs 10 people according to its Linkedin page.

The company offers a variety of services including article writing, copywriting, website content writing, and news content writing.

The company has a 4.8 google review.

you can join them as a writer and earn or use their services by hiring a content writer for high-quality content that defines your brand at affordable prices. 

How to become a content writer on Apna writer?

To become a content writer for Apna writer, all you just have to do is fill out the form, select your specific field and upload your resume and submit. You must have at least 1 year of experience to work for an Apna writer.

Is Apna writer available in India?

Yes, Apna Writer is an Indian company founded by Sravani Sundeep.

How much content writers make at Apna Writer?

There are not enough details about pricing. We can assume that the company provides a decent amount for writing content. As a content writer charges 10 paise/words to 50 rupees/ words in India.

Why should you choose an Apna Writer?

At Apna writer, you get Professional content writers, SEO Optimized, Copyscape passed, and fully managed writers.

As for authors, who want to join as writers they have a variety of options to choose from for writing content.

3. constant content

According to its Linkedin page, founded in 2004 – the company currently employs between 11-50 peoples. Constant Content is a huge marketplace for hiring content writers. The company provides 100% unique content, hand-edited, they have up to 1,00,000 Expert Writers and have served 50,000 businesses. They even provide ready-made content in every category for you to buy. However, you can even join their team of freelance writers.

How much does a content writer make at constant content?

At constant content, you can earn up to $50 – $250. Top writers at constant content earn at least $90,000 per year.

Why should you choose constant content?

Thousands of companies trust constant content including Uber,eBay, and several other major brands for writing content. If you are a writer you can have the opportunity to enhance your portfolio and grow by building relationships with top brands.  You have the flexibility to work as a team, in a group, or alone.

4. WriterAccess

Established in 2010, and now has more than 25,000 customers and 14,000+ freelancers ready for hire. The total value of the website is $83,100.

If you’re looking to hire a content writer on WriterAccess, there are three price categories available with a free 14-day trial, ranging from Basic for $39/month, Pro for $59/month to Premium for $99/month. Companies have the option of not paying for content if they don’t like it (Pay only for what you need). 

Finding freelancers to write content that fits your brand is a difficult task, for this reason, WriterAccess offers an AI-Powered writer search tool that you can use to find writers who match your brand tone and style. 

How writeraccess work for freelancers?

If you are a freelancer or have expertise in writing high-quality content, and want to try the writeraccess website, all you have to do is fill out an application form. It takes about 5 minutes to build your portfolio and start earning. The writer wanted list has been provided by writeraccess where you can choose which category suits you best.

 How much will you make at writeraccess?

Star level from 3-6 stars determines the writer’s pay rates. 3 Star orders pay 2.8 cents per word and 6-star orders to pay 2.0 cents to $150 or more per word.

 Why should you choose writeraccess?

With a flexible schedule, They offer a fair margin with fully transparent rates – 70% is given to you and the rest 30% is retained by the company.

According to Owler, Writeraccess has an estimated annual revenue of $8.6Million with 13 employees.

5. Scripted

Scripted started in 2011, and employs between 11-50 people, according to the scripted Linkedin page. With $6.4Million in annual revenue estimated by Owler.

The business offers many different services besides hiring a content writer, which consists of email newsletters, website copy, and social media.

The company also offers you the opportunity to become a content writer.

 How to become a freelance writer on scripted?

Scripted created a marketplace that works for you.

Writers just have to 

  • Create a profile
  • Pass their test,
  • Setup payment method,
  • Propose jobs,
  • Talk to customers,
  • Submit your work,
  • And enjoy your payment.

Only apply if you are an expert or have experience writing content as poor quality content is not tolerated at all. They expect you to be a professional and high-quality content writer.

How much content writers make at scripted?

Scripted pays its freelance writer an average of more than 10cents per word.

Why should you choose scripted?

 On scripted you can collaborate directly with clients, write in any industry you want, get guaranteed payments, and also set your own prices. Scripted is available in 24 countries.

6. Write right 

Established in 2016, Write right is the fastest growing Indian company with 11-20 employees. 

The best part about this company is that you can join them as a professional writer or as an intern. Write right has the potential to be the main competitors for verblio alternatives in India.

If you need to hire a writer in India, write right is the best option because the company is recognized worldwide and has been featured in more than 45+ international magazines.

Why should you choose, write right?

Write Right is a world-class content writing company in India. There are several categories in which you can write content. the company provides flexible timing.  Applying as an intern or writer is a simple process. All you have to do is fill out their form, provide them with your favorite niche in which you want to write content(you can provide more than one niche), upload your CV and that’s it.

7. Express Writers

Started in 2011, and today the company employs between 51-200 people. Express writers is a US-based company where you’ll be able to hire content writers for your brand. Every content you receive is reviewed in 2 levels, to avoid unnecessary mistakes in the final product.

However, if you want to join their writer team then you can apply for their application form with your best writing samples and resume. 

Why should you choose Express Writers?

 Express Writer has received a 5-stars rating. In addition, Owler has estimated that Express Writers have annual sales of approximately $3.2Million.

8. Copify

Founded in 2010- Copify is a UK-based company. The company has overall 7 reviews on glassdoor and in total, they have received only1.8 stars. Despite this, the company has provided thousands of writing jobs with happy clients of 4409 in writing content. (Total jobs completed- 61294). They have well established themself as a top contender of verblio alternatives across the countries.

In copify happy customers, they have some big names like amazon eBay and many more.

Copify also allows you to hire writers.

How much content writers make on copify?

Content writers earn up to $30 per 500 words. They provide easy payment options like Paypal.

Why should you choose copify?

No formal qualification is required to apply for writers’ jobs, they give you the freedom to take jobs whenever you want. They issue payments on a daily basis. Copify also offers WordPress plugins that allow you to publish the content you receive on your website.

9. Contentfly

Contentfly came into existence in 2018 and the company has raised a total of CA $11.2M in funding. You can order quality content from contentfly in just 5 minutes, whereas talented content writers can join contentfly by simply signing up where you can get a dashboard full of jobs. Contentfly came into existence in 2018

Get 4000 words for $ 375  per month (annually) for content outsourcing.

How much a content writer makes at contentfly?

Content writers earn up to Usd 0.02 to Usd 0.10 per word. According to contentfly on average their top writers make $1000 per month.

Why should you choose contentfly?

As a writer, you have the flexibility to choose from several topics. There is no need for minimum claim quotas or to submit proposals. You can get paid before client approval. The best part is that after your application is accepted for content writing you start receiving work immediately. 

10. Contentwriters

Contentwriters was founded in 2013, and the company is trusted by leading brands such as Forbes, Expedia, Adobe, Mercedes Benz, Compass, and many others. According to their Facebook page, the company has  5 stars out of 5, based on 13 people. You can hire professional writers on contentwriters in whatever industry you need. There are two categories available for hiring content writers: The first is self-service where you can set up an account and order content, and the second is managed service, where you can speak directly with them and discuss your content strategy and pricing.

 Contentwriters offer writing jobs for people with experience and bachelor’s degrees. There are certain requirements and responsibilities that you must know before working for contentwriters. At the moment they are only accepting us-based writers.

How much a content writer makes at contentwriters?

According to contentwriters, authors will be provided with a specific rate for projects before they accept the jobs and start writing.

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to pick Contentwriters as verblio alternatives?

The company has strong relationships with major brands which might boost your career. Employees receive benefits in form of medical, competitive base salary, commission, and team bonus including paid sick, vacation, and private leave.

These are the best alternatives to Verblio.

In conclusion.

To sum up the above, all companies want a writer who is passionate and can get the job done in a given amount of time. Some offer internship jobs while others seek at least 1-year experience and professionalism in the work of writing. All the above companies deserve to be in the top 10 list of verblio alternatives. Just keep in mind that some companies have set penalties for certain reasons.so, select them carefully and enjoy your work. 

If you’d like me to add a company to my list please send me the details.

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