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Top 10 Sites to Sell Handicrafts Online And Growth of Indian Handicrafts.

You must have seen various people in different parts of India selling their handmade goods on the roadside or having their small shop. But here we will talk about how to sell handicrafts online, but before starting this, let us understand what handicrafts mean and how big is its impact on the Indian market.

Growth of Indian Handicraft Industry

The Indian handicraft industry is continuously growing at an annual rate of 20%. …According to the National Handicraft Survey conducted by the National Applied Economic Research Council, the value of handicrafts produced last year was Rs. 26,213 million.

Indian handicrafts industry involves around 7 Million Craftspeople, and almost all of them are gifted with inherent skill. It is the largest employment generator and provides employment possibilities to artisans that belong to backward and weaker societies.

In spite of the fact that the Indian Handicraft industry is viewed as a housing industry, however, it has developed as one of the significant income generators throughout the long term. There has been predictable development of more than 15% in a few years and this business has advanced as one of the significant supporters of the Indian economy.

In light of its significant, intensive, and genuine working methodology, after Agriculture, the destiny of handicrafts in India’s Handicraft industry is the second-greatest business generator.

How to Sell Handicrafts Online?

You can sell and promote hand-crafted products online through your very own stores designed with a platform like Shopify or any similar website. It can also be sold via commercial marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, professional websites such as Etsy and Big Cartel, and social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. You can likewise offer a wide scope of handicraft items to different associations. They act as wholesalers.

Top 10 Sites to sell handicrafts online

Here is the list of top-10 sites to sell handicrafts online and all are available in India:

  1. Handmade at Amazon
  2. Shopify
  3. Big Cartel
  4. Etsy
  5. eBay
  6. Zibbet
  7. Artfire
  8. Icraftgifts
  9. Handmadeartists
  10. Handmadeology

Handmade at Amazon

Amazon, the name is enough, Handmade was established in 2015; here at amazon handmade, Craftsmen from over 80 nations are following their ardor and promoting their specialty on Amazon. They have an Artisan utility and review system to guarantee they’re establishing a shop of real handmade products. They offer a custom URL to make it simple for your clients to discover your shop.

The question arises, how to sell handicrafts online via Handmade Amazon?

First, you need to join the Amazon selling account and submit the joining application.

The authorization or Confirmation to promote or sell on Handmade includes the commercialism fee. From that point onward, you will get your shop and afterward, you can begin listing your items. Lastly, influence your network for fast-tracking your business growth.

  • The rate of commission is between 8% to15%
  • Product listing is free
  • Selling Plan:
    • The Individual plan prices $0.99 per unit sold
    • It doesn’t matter the number of units you sell, the Pro-plan costs $39.99 per month
  • The expense to send your orders relies upon whether you satisfy your orders or use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

You can look at other pricing subtleties here.


All across the board selling platform was founded in 2006. Shopify makes it easy to start, manage and grow a business, thereby helping people gain independence. You can utilize Shopify to make an online shop for free.

A 14-days free trial is also available at Shopify. From that point onward, plans start at $29 each month. More than 1,700,000 companies/businesses in 175 nations/regions throughout the globe have created more than $200 billion in Shopify sales.

Now, the question is, how to sell handicrafts online via Shopify?

All you have to do is choose a business name and then sign up on Shopify and then provide all the asked details. After that, you need to choose a theme, it can be a free theme as well as payable, it is a lifetime purchase. Then, you will choose your monthly plan according to the size of your business, and then you can start listing your products.

If you use or operate a third-party payment service provider, they will charge 0.15% per transaction for additional security requirements. On the off chance that you use Shopify Payments, the expense is deferred.

It offers 3 plans:

  • Basic Shopify- $29USD/month
    • You’ll get 2 staff accounts
    • Up to 4 inventory locations
    • Analytics and reports won’t be available
    • 2.0% per transaction is charged if you won’t use Shopify Payments.
  • Shopify- $79USD/month
    • Get up to 5 employee/staff accounts
    • Up to 5 inventory locations
    • Standard analytics and reports will be available
    • 1.0% per transaction is charged if you won’t use Shopify Payments.
  • Advanced Shopify- $299USD/month
    • Get up to 15 employee/staff accounts
    • Up to 8 inventory locations
    • Advanced reports and analytics will be available
    • 0.5% per transaction is charged if you won’t use Shopify Payments.

You can look at other pricing subtleties here.

Big Cartel

Bigcartel was founded in 2005 and since then, they’ve helped individuals around the globe sell and promote more than $2.5 billion of their work. They’re 100% unbiased and are there to assist craftsmen, creators, and small manufacturers open a store and begin earning enough to pay themself doing what they love.

Forbes declared big cartel as one of America’s best small companies; small giant 2018. They offer a custom URL to make it simple for your clients to discover your shop.

Now, the question is, how to sell handicrafts online via Big Cartel?

It’s quite simple, you just need to select the package according to your need and click on signup. It will ask you for your email address, shop name and then you can set the password. After that complete the billing details. You can either customize one of their free themes to give your shop a decent and attractive look or you can embed coding to develop your own.

It offers three plans:

  • It’s free up to listing 5 product
  • $9.99/Month up to 50 products, no listing fee
  • $19.99/Month up to 500 products, without any listing fee

I think, There should be up to 50 products in the free plan, 200 products in the $9.99 plan, and Unlimited products in the $19.99 plan.

You can look at other pricing subtleties here.


Founded in 2005, Etsy is an internet commercial center where impartial crafters, specialists, and creditors can promote and sell carefully assembled handicrafts, uniquely designed adornments, apparel, domestic decor, craftsmanship, toys, and much more.

Join the innovative commercial market, where millions of customers go through billions of dollars each year to buy products straightforwardly from innovative marketers like you. They offer great value along with powerful tools.

You can likewise connect with Etsy Help Experts every time you want a helping hand, and get recommendations and tips on running an effective shop in their Seller Handbook.

Now, the question is, how to sell handicrafts online via Etsy?

Registering and opening an Etsy store is free. It’s not difficult to set up a store on Etsy. Make an Etsy account, provide the location and currency of your store, pick a shop name, make listings, set your payment method, lastly set your billing method.

The three main sales expenses are Payment processing fees, transaction fees, and Listing fees.

It offers 2 plans:

  • Etsy Standard- Free
    • The listing fee is $0.20 per listing.
    • The transaction fee is 5% per transaction.
    • Offsite Ad fee of 15%, You can learn more about advertising fee here.
  • Etsy Plus-  $10 per month
    • Same as Etsy Standard along with below advantages; 
    • You can sell on the Etsy app
    • For more traffic, they provide promotional tools
    • Analytics and reports to improve your sale
    • Easy payment options for your customers

You can look at other pricing subtleties here.


eBay is the world’s largest online commercial center and marketplace. Founded in 1995, it has created an effective platform to promote and sell products and services to enthusiastic people and organizations.

eBay India has worked tirelessly to build a user-friendly seller ecosystem and grow business advancement groups nationwide to attract sellers who are hoping to extend their business in worldwide business sectors.

They associate 185 million customers and dealers from 190 nations around the globe, engaging individuals and economic possibilities for all. They provide numerous payment techniques to their dealers for their benefit, including PayPal and International credit/check cards.

Now, the question is, how to sell handicrafts online via eBay?

You can create an eBay seller account in  simple steps:

  1. You can get started by visiting this page.
  2. Fill in business details and contact information.
  3. Create an eBay account.
  4. Create your username and complete your email verification.
  5. Connect your selling account with Payoneer
  6. Sync your eBay and Payoneer accounts.

After this, you can start listing and selling.

  • Insertion/listing fee is $0.35 per listing
  • The commission rate is 10% to 12% per sale.
  • Other charges are also applicable if you increase your category.

You can look at other pricing subtleties here.


Zibbet was once for all, but the sad news is that it has been acquired and is not accessible as of 3 July 2021, and you cannot access it until it is re-launched by the acquirer. We will definitely update the details as soon as the acquiring company relaunches it.

Established in 2009, Zibbet exists to assist craftsmen, creators, and innovative business people promote greater. As the developing list of deals and income channels to be integrated continues to increase, you may promote wherever your clients are buying or shopping. It’s now less difficult than ever to gain greater exposure, attain new audiences and boom your income and sales.

Zibbet is integrated with Zibbet MArketplace, Etsy, Facebook Shop, Instagram, and your very own personal website. More sales channels lead to higher exposure and higher income.

Now, the question is, how to sell handicrafts online via Zibbet?

It’s easy and simple. Just click on Get Started after visiting this page. And fill in all the necessary details. After that you can integrate with any sales channel, a minimum of 2 sale channels is required. Then you can start listing and selling.

I think it has the best price structure:

  • Simple $5 per month per channel, for example, if you have two sales channels; Facebook and Instagram, it will cost a total of $15 per month.
  • Remember that you’ll nevertheless be charged the normal charges via other sales channels you’re promoting on. For example, it costs US$0.20 to list a product on Etsy.
  • You can use its 14 days free trial without any credit card.

We’ll update the details as soon as the acquiring company relaunches it.


Established in 2008, ArtFire is a commercial center where millions of individuals throughout the globe interface to make, purchase and promote specific goods. You can promote and sell handcrafted merchandise, antique things, and art materials on ArtFire.You can display a huge number of online customers or buyers what you’re made of! What’s more, they remove the problem from promoting on the web so you can invest extra energy developing and maintaining your business.

ArtFire fills in as a center point where purchasers and vendors from various pieces around the globe meet up to sell, purchase, and interface.

Now, the question is, how to sell handicrafts online via Artfire?

You can start selling on Artfire in 7 simple steps:

  1. Sign up in Artfire with Email and Password
  2. Register to become an Artfire seller
  3. Name your Shop and upload a banner picture
  4. Set up the payment methods; Paypal or Stripe
  5. Fill in the billing information
  6. Choose a plan according to your size of business.

Now you can start listing and promoting your items.

It offers 3 plans:

  • Standard Shop; $9.99 per month
    • You can list up to 250 items
    • The sales service fee is 14.75%
    • The listing fee is $0.23
  • Popular Shop; $29.99 per month
    • You can list up to 1000 items
    • The sales service fee is 12.75%
    • No listing fee
    • CSV importer
  • Featured Shop; $49.99 per month
    • You can list up to 2500 items
    • The sales service fee is 12.75%
    • No listing fee
    • CSV importer
    • Enhanced site exposure

You can look at other pricing subtleties here.


Established in 2007, At iCractgifts, all unique product creators, stand-out things, can immediately set up their shops and exploit the effective advertising offerings offered. They have the choice to present your finished goods on the web and acknowledge demands for custom-made products or authorized work.

ICraftGifts is precisely for self-made art, handicrafts, and Fashion manifestations. They are most certainly considered one among some locations that target genuine artists and evident craftsmen and they make it their central goal to feature their abilities. Their website has a unique area on the site posting that lists all the hand-made creators.

They moreover often highlight merchants in their “In the Spotlight” blog segment and their month-to-month newsletters.

Now, the question is, how to sell handicrafts online via iCraftgifts?

First, you need to visit this page. After that, you can start creating your seller account.

You need to fill in the asked details, like Your Name, Email. Password, and Referral or PromoCode if have. Then, select the package and complete the billing details.

It offers 3 plans:

  • They have 3 packages: all with the same benefits,
    • Per Month – 15 USD
    • 6 Month – 12 USD per month
    • 12 Month – 10 USD per month
  • one-time registration fee of 25.00 USD
  • Provides secure transaction
  • Zero listing fees
  • No fees for an additional category
  • No commission on sales

You can look at other pricing subtleties here.


The HandmadeArtists‘ Shop is an online deals scene that features quality carefully assembled, handicrafts and self-made things. Clients can purchase from different sellers through one checkout point. You set up your shop arrangements, transportation, and profile pages to mirror your style; and can separate your things into special store segments. You make and name your very own store areas to sort your things.  In this manner,  your customer-facing facade is exactly how you need it! This likewise makes it clean for your clients to discover what they’re searching for.

Now, the question is, how to sell handicrafts online via HandmadeArtists?

You need to visit the sign-up page and then you can start. You’ll be asked to fill in the details there like your username, your name, password, email then you will be asked to select it as a seller account, and select the monthly or yearly package. Pay and start your own shop.

They offer two plans:

  • The two packages are:
    • Monthly package – $5 per month
    • Yearly package –  $50 per year
  • No listing fees
  • No commission fees
  • Integrated with coupons 
  • Payment through PayPal only
  • You can set your own shop strategy.

You can look at other pricing subtleties here.


Handmadeology has been supporting innovative enterprise proprietors to maintain their business for more than 5 years. A large number of visitors have studied articles, downloaded business apparatuses, and cooperated through social media.

It is a blog/marketplace for merchants or dealers that see more than 7,000 users consistently. With more than 197,000 lovers on Facebook and more than 100,000 fans on Twitter, they have the compass to assist dealers with getting the publicity they need.

Now, the question is, how to sell handicrafts online via Handmadeology?

Before applying to the Handmadeology Marketplace kindly ensure you open your account on the Meylah. After doing that you can sign in to the Handmadeology Market.

It’s all as easy as above, fill in all the essentials and you’re done.

There are no clear pricing details for Handmadeology.

A Piece of Advice

Chances are you are one of the millions of craftsmen in the world who wants to sell their handicrafts and other handmade products online. Assuming that is the situation, you have two essential limitations on your way. First, you need to figure out the best way to market your products, and second, you need to find the best online marketplace to sell your products. We’ve covered all the information in detail, Hope it will help you.

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