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Lost Your Job During Pandemic, Learn How to Start Reselling Business in India?

7.35 million people have already lost their jobs in India due to the second wave of Covid-19. Perhaps you are one of them, or most of you are on the brink of losing your jobs. Even if you are not unemployed and want to be secure by generating other sources of income with zero investment then “reselling online products in India” is what you need. Today’s blog will teach you how to start a reselling business in India, why you should resell, which product to resell, and how to approach clients.

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How to start your reselling business in India?

To start a reselling business in India, you don’t need to have an MBA degree or at least higher education. Anyone can start reselling online. Reselling has proven to be the most profitable business in recent years. but at least you need to understand the basic concepts of reselling business, so let’s get into it.

Follow these 5 Simple Steps to start online reselling business in India.

Step 1. – Select from where to source yur prodcuts.(Reselling app or wholsalers.)

Step 2. – Research and Choose low Prices, High demand, and high-quality products.)

Step 3. – Decide on which platform to resell.(social media or website.)

Step 4. – Target your audience through marketing.

Step 5. – Build your Brand.

What is reselling business in India?

Reselling usually means – sell (something one has bought) to someone else.

Reselling is a method of selling a product directly to customers from the manufacturer/wholesaler, and for this reason, reselling business popularity is increasing rapidly among youngsters and others.  

The online reselling business model can provide you a wide variety of products that you can easily sell from home using your mobile phone. Due to this, you can shift your business to your customers’ needs without incurring the expense of expensive infrastructure such as storage and product shipping costs.

There are few legitimate platforms in the market like Alibaba, eBay, Meesho, Milmila, shop101 from where you can source any product you want to resell. Let’s talk about this later in the blog.

How reselling works?

First, you do your research and find a product with high demand that can be sold at a higher price, although the reseller must buy the product and then can sell it. It requires investment.

How online reselling works?

In Online reselling, you source products through the reseller app and website and sell them to the end customers. There is no need to buy the product. And for this reason, online reselling through app and websites like meesho requires zero investment.

Designed by - moneyoversee
Designed by – moneyoversee

Who is a reseller?

A reseller can be a person or a company who purchases products with the intention of reselling them directly to the end consumers for a profit.

In order to make high profits, resellers purchase in bulk at a lower cost at selling them at higher rates.

Well-established resellers in the market make unbelievable profits.

Resellers know what consumers need. they simply utilize this to focus on the right audience through ads. They even sign up for an Amazon and Flipkart seller account and virtually list the products. When they receive orders from Amazon and Flipkart, they simply pass the order on to the wholesaler for delivery.

Some individuals also consider this method as drop shipping.

But dropshipping in India has many flaws, let’s talk about it in the next topic…

Difference between reselling and dropshipping?

We have already discussed resellers. So, let’s move on to drop shipping.

What is dropshipping in India?

Dropshipping is a concept of zero inventory. 

When an order is placed, the drop shipper sends the customer details to the wholesaler and allows them to take care of the delivery

Dropshipper usually creates an online store/website on Shopify and advertise their products for sale. They don’t need to maintain inventory, thus drop shippers take this opportunity and list their products on Amazon and Flipkart to attract customers.

You can’t ship a single product because wholesalers ask you to order in bulk. For this reason, some sellers use the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program. However, Amazon does charge a fee to store your product. In addition to using the FBA program, you must purchase products from a wholesaler and then switch the products to the Amazon FBA hub for delivery. So drop shipping in India is not a zero investment business but it is a zero inventory business concept.

Designed by - moneyoversee
Designed by – moneyoversee

Difference between Reselling and Dropshipping?

1Zero Investment.Require Investment.
2Require to stock goods (does not require to stock goods if selling through reselling app and website).Zero Inventory.
3profit margin is usually high.Dropshipping does not have high profit margin.
Reselling vs dropshipping

How are resellers and distributors different?

Again, we have already explained resellers. So, let’s focus on distributors and distributorship.

Who is a distributor?

A distributor is a person who works as a mediator among the Supply-chain(Retailer, wholesaler, reseller), manufacture of the product, and production unit. All in all, the distributor is someone who works as a link between the business/company.

How are reselling and distributorship businesses different in India?

  1. The Distributor has a close, rich, healthy, and strong connection among the company and manufacture of the product. Although resellers don’t have a strong relationship with producers, they maintain their relationship with the end customer. They directly sell products to the end consumers from the producer or platforms like meesho and others.
  1. A distributor has to maintain a huge chunk of inventory, whereas resellers don’t maintain inventory.

To sum up all of the above, we know that there is a certain amount that you need to invest to become a reseller, distributor, or drop shipper in India. To make drop shipping and reselling a zero investment business model, companies like meesho came into existence.

Is Online Reselling a good business option in India?

Due to the Outbreak of Covid-19, 7.35 million people in India lost their job. In fact, some of the retail shops haven’t opened since the first lockdown. People in India are looking to buy online products to fulfill their needs. For this reason, there is a sudden rise in online business in India. So, Online reselling is definitely a good business option available right now, it provides you the benefits of Work from home with zero investment.

7 Benefits of becoming an online reseller in India?

Why you should resell? and 7 Benefits of becoming an online reseller on platforms like meesho, milmila, and others.

1. Zero work experience.

Online reselling business in India does not require you to have any work experience or any specific qualifications.

2. Work from home

The online reseller has the advantage of being able to work from anywhere. You can resell products online from your home, office, or while traveling. All you need is a smartphone with a good internet connection.

3. Zero investment.

Online resellers don’t have to buy products from the vendor, nor do they have to create an online store or website. When the reseller receives an order, they simply go to their respective apps(Meesho,milmila, etc) and place an order on the customer’s behalf and the company takes care of the rest. And you get paid after the product has been successfully delivered and the return period is over.

(Online reselling company in India offers 7 days cash on delivery option so that resellers can provide cash on delivery benefits to their customers.)This eliminates the problem of drop shipping and resellers, where drop shippers have the only option to accept prepayment and the reseller must buy and hold the products.

4. Decide your margin.

Resellers are free to set their profit margin on the products they sell; However, from my personal experience, I advise you to carefully determine the final price. First, check at what price your competitors are providing the merchandise you wish to sell.

5. No infrastructure needed for Online reselling business in India.

Drop shippers generally pay a certain amount to Shopify in order to use their platform to create their online store. However, the online reseller does not need an online store to sell their merchandise. Typically, online resellers use Instagram and WhatsApp to promote and sell their products. In some cases, platforms like Milmila and others offer their users free online stores where they can list the products they want to sell.

Meesho and others also offer a shipping solution with the free cash-on-delivery option, so that shipping costs are also eliminated for sellers and end customers.

6. Variety of products to choose.

Online Reselling business in India depends on customer demand. Therefore, the company offers its sellers a wide category of products so that they can sell different products to the end customer as needed.

7. No fee charged, No cost for use of the platform.

As mentioned earlier, there is no fee (no commission or additional charges) for using platforms created by companies like meesho and milmila, While other charge certain commissions for using their platform for sale. For example, Amazon charges a certain amount from sellers for allowing them to use an Amazon seller account to sell.  Shopify allows you to create an online store on its platform, in exchange for a certain amount for every sale you make.

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How to resell?

First, be consistent; second, try to stay friendly and informative. Customers will ask tons of questions about the products. Therefore, do complete research on the product that you would like to sell. Try to gain customers’ trust. How should I do it? If possible, speak to them over the phone or via video calls. This benefits in establishing trust with your customers.

Try to be flexible with the price of your product.

What product to resell? 

There are a variety of products to choose from, I used to sell shoes to my audience because I knew them more than any other product, I love shoes and that is why I have always kept up with fashion. what was trending and what customers are searching for, I found it easy to sell shoes instead of other goods.

Now let’s talk about profitable products that I made more money on.

Top 10 most profitable reselling products in India. (2021)

1. Clothing / Footwear

Apparels have high demand among customers. They are easy to sell with high profits. (I used to sell shoes at a profit of Rs 500-1000.)

2. Cosmetics

Cosmetics, beauty, and wellness products offer a wide range of catalogs: lipstick, eyeliner, and other make-up products. Beauty products are popular with young people. So try to target this audience and you may have an amazing money-making opportunity. Cosmetic products have the highest profit margin. Demand in this sector is always high among women from youth to old age. If you want to become a reseller in India, try to get into cosmetic, beauty, and wellness products.

3. Pet supplies

The pet supplies catalog includes pet food, hygiene products, and clothing. Research has shown that pets reduce their owners’ depression and loneliness. Because of this, pet supplies are in great demand in India. Try selling pet supplies through content on Instagram, YouTube, or wherever you think they can be sold. Pet supplies in India are on the rise and most people have seen this opportunity and are already selling pet supplies.

Selling Pet supplies can be the most profitable online reselling business in India. 

4. Vehicle accessories

Nowadays, people want their vehicles to look nice and comfortable. They invest plenty of cash in their vehicles to make them look nice and shiny. so starting a business as a vehicle accessories reseller in India can be profitable. Try to discover vehicle accessories that are high in demand and start selling them.

5. Electronics

Electronics are a little hard to sell in my opinion, but if you show a product review to a customer through video call, you might be able to sell them.

(I have sold 3D printed moonlight, but before placing orders, the customer always asked me to show them if the products would work or how they would work. Is there a guarantee?) If you solve these problems then you could sell electronics.

6. Webhosting

There are so many websites like hosting and GoDaddy that provide an option to resell domain and hosting. People are reselling a domain at a very high-profit margin. Reselling Webhosting has an amazing market you can make profits at your terms.

7. Home & living

Household and residential products include curtains, sheets, pillows, and furniture, etc. Nowadays, people love to decorate their home, they want the interior of their home to be as surprising as possible at a low cost, and for this reason, they search for products that are nice and attractive, most of the time they can’t find what they are looking for in the markets, which is why the demand for their online products has increased incredibly.

8. Household essentials

9. Jewellery

10. Kid toys

Not every product listed on meesho and milmila are high quality and at low cost, so do some research on products before selling.

How much money can you make from online reselling in India?

You can easily make Rs10,000 to Rs30,000 per month. In fact, some people out there are already making 7-figure.

How to set a profit margin?

To set a profit margin for any products, try to think from the customer’s point of view. Does your product have the same value as the price set for the products? a good quality product can be sold at a higher price. Not sure about the product quality, try selling a product to your customer and ask for their review, depending on the review you can determine the final price of the product.

Where to resell?

Start reselling on Facebook Marketplace, WhatsApp, Youtube, Instagram, Telegram, Dukkanapp, quick-sell, and on the website by blogging. Most of the resellers are always confused. They always try to discover the best place to sell their products. They keep on trying different platforms to resell their products and they forget the most important thing, To focus on after-sale service and their customer.

7 Places where you can start your online reselling business in india

  1. Facebook Marketplace
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Youtube
  4. Instagram
  5. Telegram
  6. Website(mini store)
  7. Blogging(content marketing)

How to sell competitive products?

Selling competing products isn’t that difficult. First, you need to understand your target customers, you can’t sell everything to everyone. Customers don’t buy products until they have negotiated with each seller. So, when a customer contacts you, be ready to provide more details and try to explain the product to them., Try to build a connection with your customers. Make them trust you when they start trusting. You can sell any product at any reasonable price. 

Is it illegal to resell online products?

There is no legal restriction for online reselling business in India.

How to approach clients?

I’ve spoken to over 1500 customers on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and via video calls sharing with them product images and details to their satisfaction. 

Most of the time customers are confused about the products. Help them choose what they need.

When clients approach you talk to them in a friendly manner. Ask them what they need. Ask if they have brought online products before. Some people have never brought online products so, try to make them feel comfortable so that they can trust you.

Be transparent with your customers. Share every update with them on their order.

What are the Pros and cons of the online reselling business in India?

Pros of Online reselling business in India

  1. Easy to sell.
  2. No infrastructure is needed.
  3. Zero investment required.
  4. Work from home.
  5. Wide range of products to choose from.

Cons of Online reselling business in India

  1. No control over the quality of the product.
  2. No control over the price of the product.
  3. Uneven margin.
  4. Competition.

List of best-reselling business apps in India(2021).

Below contain the updated list of 2021 best-reselling app in India

  1. Meesho (Android, IOS) – Download
  2. Milmila (Android, pc and IOS) – Download
  3. Shop101 (Android)
  4. GlowRoad (Android)
  5. Letgo (Android, IOS)
  6. OfferUp (Android, IOS)
  7. Poshmark (Android, IOS)
  8. eBay (Android, IOS)
  9. Mercari (Android, IOS)
  10. Chairish (IOS)
  11. Decluttr (Android, IOS)
  12. Close5 (Android, IOS)
  13. Amazon seller marketplace

You can download these apps from the play store.

5 Reselling mistakes you must avoid.

These are the most common mistake done by the resellers that you must avoid. 

In my opinion, after talking with lots of customers they all share the same problems.

  1. No response from the seller after the product has been delivered. (Please don’t do this).
  2. Not enough details on products. (gather as many details as possible).
  3. Seller doesn’t talk in a friendly manner(friendly nature toward customer).
  4. No refund or return policy. (Try to be transparent with your audience).
  5. No response if delivery is late(keep them updated about their orders).

Try to avoid these mistakes done by other resellers at all costs.

List of top Resellers in 2021

No.NameApp they use
1.Sangeetha SrinivasMeesho
2.Jansi AnthonyMeesho
3.Sumit GandhiMilmila
List of top 10 Online Reseller In India. (2021)

Success mantra to succeed in online reselling business in India.

  1. Build a brand.
  2. Pick low competitive merchandise.
  3. Select high-quality products.
  4. Understand your Target audience.
  5. Sell high-margin products.
  6. Provide best after-sale service.
  7. Build customer trust.
  8. Use content strategy to sell your products.
  9. Be consistent. 
  10. Marketing your products on social media can boost your business.

How to make a profit from reselling a Franchise business?

Reselling a Franchise business in India has been demonstrated to be more profitable than the others. Due to the reason that they have the privilege to use the brand name, logo,  items for a certain period. Both end parties have to sign a mutual deed. The best thing about reselling a franchise business is that you don’t need to advertise and still you get loyal and recurring customers. This business model has a high chance of succeeding.

In conclusion.

To sum up all the above, an Online reselling business is the best choice for people who have lost their job in India during covid-19. It requires zero investments and can provide you a stable financial life.

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