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“MONEYOVERSEE is all about educating the upcoming generation with the financial knowledge in the easiest way possible.”

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Started by the team of 2, In the hope to build a future road
map for the upcoming generation with our blog.
We attempt to share information that is not instructed in
schools and are significant to get by in this era through our blog.

“A lifestyle change begins with a vision and a single step.”


“The easiest way to make money is to create – something of such value
that everybody wants and go out and give and create value, the money
comes automatically.”

–  Jordan Belfort, The wolf of wall street

About the Author

“Aman is a Co-founder of Monyoversee | Digital marketer | Freelancer(on-page SEO, Content writer). Studied B.com(Accounting) at Patna University. A blogger at day and a reader at night. He has experience in reselling and making money online and shares his experience about his personal financial life and the book he peruses with the help of a blog. You can find Aman on LinkedIn.”

ParkAlex is a Co-founder of Moneyoversee | Digital Marketer | Full-time Blogger and a Free-lancer (Content writing and Social media). Pursuing Bachelor of Commerce at Delhi University. He shares his casual financial knowledge with the help of his blogs. He is a nighthawk, taciturn, and loves to live a simple life. You can find ParkAlex on Linkedin and Instagram.

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