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About MoneyOversee

At Moneyoversee.com, We focus on educating the upcoming generation with the fundamentals of financial independence and personal growth. We also offer book summaries on personal finance and self-development. It’s all about basic financial knowledge.

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This is what MoneyOversee is about:

Make money –  we cover all the possible ways to earn money with zero investment or with the money we usually waste.

Book summary – Don’t have time to read a book? Here we provide book summaries mainly related to basic finance and self-development.

Case study – All you’ll find here are business-related case studies. The information that we provide is 100% legitimate and is from trusted sources.

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Our vision

Our vision is to help our readers improve their lives by being ahead of others with authentic knowledge in this competitive and simulated world.

Why choose moneyoversee?

Started by a team of 2, In the hope to build a future roadmap for the upcoming generation. We attempt to share the knowledge that is not instructed in schools and is important to acquire in this era. We follow strict guidelines to provide all pieces of information that are well researched, authentic and trustworthy to our readers.

Disclaimer* –  The content of this website is for education purposes.  Moreover, The information on this website does not encourage or recommend anyone to invest their hard-earned money.

Who we are?

About the author of Moneyoversee
About the author of Moneyoversee

Meet Moneyoversee Team


Aman Verma

Aman is a Co-founder and Author at moneyoversee.


Gaurav Verma

Gaurav is a Co-founder and Author at moneyoversee.



Position open for SMM. Contact us to join our team.

Let’s make something great together.

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