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Why MoneyOversee?

Why we started:
Started by a team of 2, In the hope to build a future roadmap for the upcoming generation with our blog. We attempt to share the information that is not instructed in schools and is significant to get by in this era through our blog.

My blog is for you if you’re:
1. A money-minded person who wants to know about the basics of financial planning and earning.
2. A person who wants to learn to break bad money habits to get on a path of financial success.
3. A person who enjoys reading case studies/book summaries related to the financial world.

This is what MoneyOversee is about  Teaching individuals to start their financial planning and making the things that excite them possible. “A lifestyle change begins with a vision and a single step.”


Who we are? (About Us)

We i.e., PrinceAman(22years old) & ParkAlex(18years old) are from the business stream and certified digital marketers. We’re brothers and have a common outlook towards any circumstance, which allows us to have an agreement and strong bonding between us.

We like to read business-related books and spend much of our time discussing what we read. Apart from this, we enjoy playing PC games together in our spare time.

When we read some finance-related books, we learned that managing money is the basic problem that an individual faces. So, we thought that we should start a blog related to this, which will help everyone know about the basics of financial planning. Nowadays due to busy schedules, people don’t have time to read books, so we also provide book summaries with key points.

That’s all, about us

Moneyoversee Team

Author - Prince Aman

Prince Aman


Prince Aman is a Co-founder and Author at moneyoversee.
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Parkalex author



ParkAlex is a Co-founder and Author at moneyoversee.



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