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Want to Make More Money? Try these Best Top 10 side hustles. (2021)

Side earnings are the tasks that you usually do alongside your daily jobs. To make more money, side-earning is essential. These can help you out to improve your financial condition, which can further help you to maintain a good & healthy lifestyle. There are usually unused skills that you know, but you aren’t able to apply them during your daily job.

Here are various side hustles that can make the best side earnings, along with the qualities that you’ll need to do these jobs.

To start a side hustle, you must have these in common.

Usually, all the side hustles are not the same, but to select among the best 10 side hustles, we have researched various jobs and found some commonalities necessary for starting a side hustle. You need a flexible schedule, low access barrier, and a wide existence.

Here are the clarifications of commonalities that we’re talking about-

Schedule Flexibility

When you are about to start a side earning, make sure it does not involve or get mixed up with your daily job otherwise, it will affect your primary source of income and will also lead to mental frustration. Some companies have policies that obstruct employees to start a side hustle. So, if you wanna start a side hustle make sure your job allows you a flexible schedule.


Low Access Barrier

While selecting a beneficial side hustle, another thing to look out for is how much it costs you to enter that particular field. Some of the app-based tasks can be done right away, while, others like selling products online, will require more time and energy. “If your side income costs more money than it makes, then it’s a trouble and I’ve seen individuals get trapped in it, which somehow cost them an enormous loss.

Wide Existence

It should cover a wide range of audiences.

The Best 10 Side Hustles for Making More Money

Nothing coming to mind? Here is the list of the 10-best side-earning ways that you can do alongside your regular job. (9 to 5) The best part is that it has variety- some require specialized skill, and some are easily obtainable. Choose according to your skills, condition & situation.


Start a Blog or website

Here comes the way, which I’m currently doing. It won’t allow you a sudden earning but will reward you more than other side hustles. The only thing you need is to be consistent. You need little money to start this, but your content needs to be the best. Quality content always increases the chance of performing more than you thought. It’s good to start and even best if you are just a college student. It will give you a lot of time to build up. This is one of the best ways to start earning.

Freelance Work

If you want to make money using any precise talent you’ve got, freelance is the best option. It requires some basic personalized skills to work on them. Platforms like Fiverr, Youth4work, and many more such websites allow you to register and work via their sites. Some of the main required skills are copywriting, graphic designing, coding, digital marketing, web designing, and many more. You can make money by working on these platforms.

Selling Stuffs Online

If you have an idea about how to convince people to buy your product, then it is the best and easiest way for you to make money. Various platforms can be used to do this kind of stuff such as Meesho, Milmila, and Print On Demand (Printrove). These websites will let you promote their product and could praise(reward) you for every sale. Some allow you to add your extra profit in their original cost while some share some percentage in their costs. Selling Stuffs Online requires no extra skills and is easily accessible.

Ride-Share Driving

Your automobile may be a useful asset in today’s economy. Ride-share companies like Ola & Rapido are always looking for a driver. You need to be at least 20 years old with at least 1-year of driving experience, a matriculation certificate, a valid Indian driving license, proof of vehicle insurance, and vehicle registration. The earning depends upon how often a person drives. Driving the most time can put more money in your wallet. This is one of the best possible ways of making money according to one’s controlled schedule.

Listing Your place on OYO

This is the easiest way of making money. Do you have an extra room which is of no use to yours? Then, you can list it on OYO and earn money from that. If you have a suitable space for your customers, you can add hundreds – even thousands of Rupees to your account with OYO. You just need to be a good host, along with good communication skills, and you can make money without waking out of your house.

Food Delivery

Well, if carrying an unknown person on the back seat of your vehicle doesn’t feel good for you, then you may try a food delivery service. Platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, etc, allow people to order from their respective places and get their food deliver to them. You can register and start working over it to make money.

Selling Crafts Goods

In this, you can make money with your crafts skills. Not all side-earning tasks are for services. We need to thank these sites – Amazon Handmade, and Shopify. Artists have numerous platforms to promote their kinds of stuff without leaving their houses. Each selling platform has its terms and conditions. For example, selling on Amazon allows you access to a huge online marketplace, but crafters will go against stiff competition.

Earn while playing games

If you like playing mobile games and want to earn some extra money while doing so. Playtestcloud is the best option right now.

Designers/developers and proprietors (owners) of games need to understand the real’s opinion on their games. With this, they can additionally improve the games to do well in the huge market of versatile games.

As a game tester, you just need to have fun while playing naturally, you are used to while thinking out loud meanwhile, an app will record your screen, and your audio as you test games while playing. Click here for more details.

Online Teaching

If you have good knowledge along with good teaching skills, then online teaching can bring out the best outcome for you. Teaching Platforms such as Udemy allow people with teaching experience to instruct students on different topics. These topics include basic grade subjects (Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies) and also have high-level courses. You can select according to your ability. Earning depends upon how many hours you spend sharing your knowledge.

Creating Online Courses

If you don’t want to share your knowledge on other sites, you can publish your course, which you are a master of. Your Course may consist of a video, audio, PowerPoint presentation as you want it to be, and then you can charge money for it. The longer and beneficial the course, the higher the reward. There are platforms where you can publish your course. They take some amount as a commission, as they are generating traffic for your course.

A Piece of Advice

Is your financial condition forcing you to think about earning more? Well, if you want to achieve financial freedom, then you must follow these 7 steps. I have shared a summary from a book- Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need by Grant Sabatier. You must check this out. I hope you found this blog useful and interesting.

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