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Instagram Growth Strategy For Organic Growth in 2021.

Before we start with all this, I would like to thank you for reading this. Though I’m not a professional Instagrammer, I’m sharing what I learned and I’m sure it will help you if you’re new to Instagram and will save a lot of your time which I took to discover what does Instagram growth really means.

Some questions need to be answered first.

Why should you start an account on Instagram in the first place?

Well, that’s simple, Instagram is one the best social media platforms, the amount of people you can reach with IG is insane.

How should you get started on IG?

On IG you can create all sorts of accounts. If you narrow it down, then there are two: a Personal Account or a Brand Account (Creator & Business Account).
Between these two, Brand Account is easier to grow because the content you share goes viral whereas it’s not likely but still possible on a Personal Account too.

Let’s Get Started With Instagram Growth

After selecting which type of Account you are going to start with, you have to choose an appropriate niche for the account.

There are different types of niches on IG like Motivational, Writer, Food Blog, Luxury, Fitness, Make-up, etc.

I would recommend you to select one that you’re knowledgeable about.

Just to keep in mind, extraordinary niches can have extraordinary consequences in phrases of growth.

Remember, in terms of Growth, different niches will have different outcomes. 

Market Research

If you need to develop fast, this may be one of the maximum essential steps. You’ll have to search for accounts that are influencers (big pages) and competitors (small pages).

Market research is important for Instagram growth because it will help you to avoid the mistakes that most of the new pages do. You’ll get what you should do and what you shouldn’t for the proper and fast growth. Your research should be within your niche.

While doing market research you will have to look for these things.

  • Account name and size
  • Average likes and comments on the particular page.
  • The style of their post and pinned stories (highlights)
  • Do they use Engagement groups?
  • Do they promote other accounts on their posts or stories?
  • How often do they post
  • Which type of hashtags(hashtags with less, medium, or high engagement) and how many hashtags are they using?

Page Layout

Page layout of your account is very important. It’ll attract more followers. You can get a raw idea about which type of page layout you should use via market research.

  • @username – Try to create one that has to do with your niche, for example – @deserted_vibes for relatable and alone thoughts. Try to avoid numbers and long usernames.
  • Logo – Use a logo that has to do with your niche, you can buy one from Fiverr for 5$ make it on your own on PicsArt or Canva.
  • Name – Your Name should be related or as same as the username or within your niche. It’s important because it works as an SEO for your account.
  • Bio – For bio, you should use this structure: Who you are, What you do, Why should they follow you, and a CTA (call-to-action). Try to use emoji as each bullet point.
  • Pinned Stories – You should make some highlight stories for example: about us, IG growth, wallpapers, this will help you to give another perspective of your account for your followers.
  • Your Theme of the Posts – This is where you need creativity, make it different from others but remember to keep it simple. Use a watermark of your account in case somebody shares the screenshot.

Try to keep your account unique by having distinguished page layouts. People tend to follow visually appealing pages. And it will ultimately help you in Instagram Growth.

Don’t worry if you can’t get it right at first, my account has gone through multiple changes in style and even in the logo.

Lastly, I would recommend you test things out and see what works best for you.


Post: Rule number 1 of Instagram – you won’t grow if your content is not good. How can you find good content? Let me tell you.

You have to find the BPP (Best Performing Post) from the pages you have done your research for your niche. Those are the posts in which the number of likes and comments is quite big as compared to the average for that page. For example, a post with 1000 likes on a page that has an average of 500 likes, that the BPP.

Now you need to use this publication in your account. And it can be done in two ways: Either you repost those BPPs in your post and credit the respective owner or you can make a similar post to the BPP, but done by you so you don’t have to give credit to anyone but yourself.

Always try to find BPPs of your niche and keep posting them, you’ll see yourself grow instantly fast. It’s one of the important steps towards Instagram growth.

Story: I strongly recommend you to share a story a day, but the more the better. You must post engaging stories. And for that, you can use Polls, Questions, Quizzes, etc. Stories keep your audience engaged which ultimately keeps your engagement rate high.

IGTV / Reels: A very vital side of your content.

When I post a video on my IG it gets around 600 views, but when I post it on reels it gets 2.5k – 3k views. See the difference. The organic reach which IGTV and Reels provide is just crazy!! I’ll recommend you to use it.


This part is going to take a lot of your time but it’s totally worth it. It’s the most important part for Instagram Growth.

First, Why do hashtags matter? Because you’re running a niche page and you want to reach the people that might have the internet on your page. For example, a car page wants to reach car lovers and not food lovers. Right? This can be done by using appropriate hashtags.

It basically tells Instagram that you belong to a certain niche, and IG will try to show your post to the right people.

Luckily, now you have your market research done. Now the things you are going to do, you have to revise this every 1-2 months.

What you have to do is, go to each of your competitors and analyze the hashtags they use on their posts.

How to analyze hashtags? You have to check two things:

  • The Size of the Hashtag (how many posts does it have)
  • The engagement of the Hashtags (How many likes and comments does the top 9 posts have on average)
How to select which hashtags you should use on your posts?

Shark’s Tip :

Now, I’m going to share a secret strategy. This works like this:-

Set of Hashtags 

7 Hashtags that have the same engagement on average as your post.

7 Hashtags that have slightly higher engagement on average than your post.

2-3 niche generic hashtags (such as #beauty & #write-ups for Beauty & Writers Page.)

7 Hashtags that have an engagement quite bigger on average than yours.

The rest you can fill with hashtags related to your post.

Your brand hashtag (only if you want – like I use #deserted_vibes for my page.)

There is a limit of 30 hashtags per post. I’ll recommend you to change or swap them every other day, else you’ll be shadowbanned.


How to Grow (Followers)

People think that instagram growth all about increasing follower. Though it isn’t wrong but its a part of instagram growth. If you have done all the previous parts, then it’s time to grow your followers.

Well, If you are having good content and you’re using the right hashtags you’ll automatically grow.

Here, I’m going to share other ways to get followers.

Free Methods
  • Shout-out for a shout-out (SFS) – The way relevant hashtags helps, nothing can do that. Well, that was what I thought until I met the lovely world of ‘Shout-outs’. You might have seen people asking you for “SFS”. You can ask the pages that have a similar number of followers to yours. Some big pages (not much big, one having more followers than yours) will shout out once, and in return, you have to shout them out 2-3 times.
  • Follow for Follow (FFF) – You might have also seen this FFF in your DMs and sometimes in your comments too. It’s quite a good method to increase your followers when you’re new on Instagram coz’ personal account won’t follow you. And I recommend you to continue this till you reach 3k followers. (or even till 5k it’s up to you.) Don’t do this after you reach 3k (or 5k).
  • Engagement Group – This strategy won’t help you to grow your followers directly. But it will help you to increase your engagement rate which makes IG show your post to more people. And therefore increases your chance of getting more followers. (Do this with people within your niche… Contact me on @deserted_vibes for joining such groups)
  • The GV Strategy – This is great for connecting with the community within your niche. Here, you will have to comment on 9 posts from 10 hashtags related to your niche, every day. (Don’t go on top posts, instead go on the latest posts in hashtags.) Make sure your comment shouldn’t look spammy, you must keep it unique and valuable. It will help you grow eventually but slowly.
Paid Methods
  • Influencer Shout-out – This is similar to ‘SFS’ but here you have to find big pages related to your niche for paid shout-outs. (Again your market research will help you here.) They have a higher audience and will help you grow faster.
  • Giveaways – This strategy is gonna cost you a lot of money. I recommend you to use it only for milestones such as reaching 100k.
  • Instagram ads – This is the most targeted strategy you will have. With it, you can specifically target people within your niche and from specific countries. But be careful because using ads may decrease your reach after you end the ads campaign.

There are many more growth methods that are basically automated which I don’t recommend. My favorites are ‘SFS’ and ‘GV Strategy’.

I don’t know much about Monetization from Instagram. So, I can’t tell you anything about that. But I will share it soon about this too.

I’m really grateful to you as you read till here. Now, I’m going to share some apps which I use and will help you too.

Here are some useful apps which I mostly use.

  • Canva – This is the best (according to me) browser-based tool you can use to design your posts.
  • Inshot – This is the best app for video editing if you’re new to editing (like me). It’s very simple to use.
  • Regrann – I use this when I want to repost a video from other accounts. This app does it very easily and with no watermark.
  • Remove.bg – This website removes the background of the images. (It’s quite useful)
  • Insights – If you’re doing FFF then you have to keep an app that shows or keeps the records of followers and un-followers. There are many apps on the play store which you can use. Make sure to select the safe one.
  • Creator Studio – This is a tool that Facebook launched. It’s totally free to use. With it, you can track your account insights and schedule your post. (To Manage Facebook Page) It can’t help you with Instagram.

I uncovered all these from months of trials and errors. If you want us to add anything else, you can contact us via the contact form. I would love to know your aspects and I found it good enough. I’ll add that here.

Instagram is a channel with potential that I believe is still untapped…

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