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How to encourage clients to pay more?

Uplift your clients to pay more than they want. Lookout the below conversation:

Let’s talk about step-by-step instructions to take cash from others’ pockets to yours in today’s case study. (Encourage clients to pay more)

Let’s do this with the help of role-playing.

Imagine two people sitting in front of each other.
1.) Steve (client)
2.) Alex

Alex is a freelancer, who deals with Fb Ads, SEO, Websites, and Social media.
On the other hand, Steve runs a beer store.


Steve –        Hey Alex

Alex –          Hii Steve

Steve –        I’m glad you agreed to a virtual meeting, I was hoping that you could get me one of those elegant, amazing websites and FB ads for my store that you promise on your professional website and ads. (I mean I have seen your amazing portfolios.)

Alex –          I love to do that for you; what’s your budget?

Steve –        have a $1000

Alex –          $1000; is this important to you.

Steve –        I think it will be if you’ll do it.

Alex –          Which problems are you willing to be solved?

Steve –        Build awareness and increase my sales of course.

Alex –          ok; so, how many sales are you expecting?

Steve –        I would like to have a growth of 5-10 people a day.

Alex –          So, How much revenue it’ll generate you?

Steve –        Our average products are sold for about $200; So, I’ll be looking for about $ 1000-20000 increase a day. (Increase in 5-10 people)

Alex –          How’ll it work for me?  $30000 new revenue for you a month. Does spending $1000 seem appropriate for $30000 revenue per month?

Steve –        I only want to spend $1000 on this project.

Alex –          Are you going to do a $1000 project every month with us?

Steve –        Maybe, if you do this good.

Alex –          ok, um, I’m a little concerned, It’s not enough money, I would like to share a quote “Put your focus & energy on things that matter”, It feels a little disproportionate. I won’t spend my energy on a $1000 project.

Steve –        If you are saying that, then…, here’s a thing, can you guarantee me $30000 a month?

Alex –          I’m not saying that at all, I’m just trying to measure my effort vs. result.

When someone comes to me and says; I don’t have much money to do something. My first reaction says, don’t do it if it isn’t important. I don’t want to take your money to do something that’s not important. Is it Important or not Steve?

Steve –        It is Important

Alex –          Not a $1000 Important

Steve –        What do you mean by not a $1000 Important?

Alex –          See, the thing is, I know from my past experience that people like to spend more money on things that are important.

If you like a fancy pairs of shoes, no matter the cost, you’ll spend money for that, if it’s not important you’ll buy the cheaper version.

So, to do your project properly, I’ll have to spend time sitting down talking to you about the goals and purpose then, there will be a lot of revisions, It’s gonna take a long conversation. So, for me, it’s disproportionate to waste our time talking about the problem for $1000.

Steve –        I told you, I don’t want to spend more than that.

Alex –          Then, you shouldn’t.

Steve –        I really want you to do this project but I can’t spend more than $1000.

Alex –          I understand $1000 is lot for you, I hear your concern. So, here a deal, I want to propose.

Steve –        Yes, please.

Alex –          I will do your projects for free, if you get the desiring result. I would like to have a percentage of the result. Can we do that? No risk for you at all.

Steve –        That sounds fantastic, what’s the percentage?

Alex –          There are lots of things that I can’t control, measuring all the traffics and revenue. I would like to have half ($100) per new customer that’s walk-in your door.No risk to you, I’ll take all the risk.

Steve –        I’m concerned, you’ll make an Amazing website with high engagement, fb ads that will drive lots of customers to my door steps.

Alex –          All I do is, make amazing website and work on fb ads that will bring out a lots of traffic.

Steve –        I know that’s why I’m here to begin with.

Alex –          Then, what’s the hesitation?

Steve –        What if it’s gonna exceed $1000

Alex –          It’s gonna exceed $1000 that’s the whole point. I’ll take all the risk. All profit comes from risk. I’m taking all the risk here, or you can pay my worth and keep all the profits.

Steve –        What’s your worth?

Alex –          $5000

Steve –        What am I going to get for my $5000?

Alex –          An amazing website with fb ads that will bring a lot of customers to your doors.

Steve –        I’m concerned, that you might bring me lots of customers with websites and FB ads, that might not even cost you that much and I’ll have to pay you half of that.

Alex –          let me clear this, If I bring lot of customers, you’re saying don’t do it.

Steve –        No not at all, I want you to bring me a long line of customers, but….

Alex –          What are you trying to say? Work on my project but if it works well, I don’t want you anymore. Let me clear this to you. Here are two deals on the table for you, pay me $5000 and we are done. Or I’ll take all the risks but, half of every new customer for at least a year. Steve, I know what you’re thinking, “If I’ll get the result, I’ll make this much money but also have to pay this punk kid this amount of money”. So, probably you are thinking, $5000 is the best deal you can get. It’s your call what would you like to do.

Steve –        I really like that and it seems you are really confident on your projects that you create and I feel like I’ll get long line of customers and it’s gonna worth more than $5000

So, yeah I’ll take this $5000 deal.

Alex –          Ok let’s do this.

  1. Did you see how Alex encouraged Steve to spend more than he was willing to spend on the Project?

  • See the thing is that in this type of meetings everything is negotiable until you have a flexible mind.
  • Steve was dead stuck on $1000, and Alex was not ready for that but he found a way out with a situation where he was at win-win situation on both deals And it’s not like he would have got less at more cost, he gets more than what he asked for.

“Adopt the attitude that everything is negotiable. A world of opportunity will greet you”

Jim roan
  1. Now the question arises that per customer deal was amazing, Alex just needed a little bit of efforts and Steve would have said yes.
  • But no, remember in the event that you attempt to pull your side of the rope excessively, possibly it’ll dampen and you’ll fall or the opposite end will leave the rope and you will fall in both cases you fall, be careful with such circumstance.

If you get a call for any projects it’s not like you have to do it at any cost. Nobody is compelling you. If you don’t feel good, doing it. just say no.

Shark’s Tip –

Learn to say no for a project that’s not worth your time.

You can also work less or minimize your revision time or increase the delivery date by $1000.

If they don’t meet your requirement don’t meet their requirements.

Try to do role-play sessions, with your friends. Negotiation is required on every corner not knowing how to negotiate can be scary, but with little practice, you can get comfortable and attend sales meetings like a pro.

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