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How to Earn Money Online as a Student?

Before we start with all this, we need to talk about the requirements and advantages of looking for a job during your schooling period. If not a job, then at least an internship where you can learn as well as earn. But always remember that learning should be your priority when you start earning at a young age. Every time we talk about earning, the question that comes to our mind is How to Earn Money Online as a Student? Well, No worries, You’ll get all your answers here. 

How to select a job or internship?

While selecting a job or internship, always choose the work that you genuinely love to do. Otherwise, it will only stress you out. The most important thing that everyone skips is a skill. Without any skills, it’ll be tough for you to find a job. But thanks to the digital world, you can learn any new skill like video editing, graphic designing, etc., online via YouTube, Udemy, or any other platform. You’ll get lots of free courses, which are in high demand.

Always remember that only when you’ll Learn you’ll be able to remove L from it and make it Earn.

Why do students need to earn?

Working despite being a school student will not only help your family but also gives you some financial freedom for your personal activities. There are different professional blessings for students who start earning at a young age:

  1. You’ll learn the basics of financial freedom and budgeting.

  2. Your time-management skills will improve.

  3. It can help you with understanding the necessity of planning.

  4. You will understand the value of money.

  5. You’ll have a strong portfolio for finding further jobs.

How important is it for a student to earn money?

Well, who doesn’t need money!! It is a basic but primary requirement to live in this world. In countries like America, as soon the student reaches 18, they start finding or doing jobs. But we Indians don’t take this seriously, which results in unemployment. The main reason most people are unemployed is they don’t have the skill or experience in that particular field. I’m not talking about government jobs. And if you’ll start doing jobs and internships at a young age, it will further help you to get a decent job, just because you’ll have experience in that field. And along with experience, you can earn money as well.

Always remember earning should not be your motive when you are working. Try to learn, build relationships with people better than you, and it will help you in the future for sure. But again, the question that arises is how? How to Earn Money Online as a Student? Let’s check that out.

How to Earn Money Online as a Student?

Here I will share the top skills that are in high demand, and you can learn most of them online for free. And after completing the course, you can find jobs or internships on sites like Internshala and LinkedIn. Here is the answer to that question; How to earn money online as a student? Let’s see what they are.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the quickest developing industries, and in any event, during uncertainties, professions in marketing and advertising resumed to grow. The most ideal approach to begin this is by watching a beginner’s guide from a noticeable channel. A beginner’s guide will assist you with getting an extensive outline of Digital Marketing. You can even make a career in digital marketing.

Starting your own website can give you exposure to digital marketing, and it will likewise furnish you with the next stage that is getting work or an internship at a digital marketing firm. Working in a digital marketing firm will help you improve fast as you’ll be working with people who have higher knowledge than you in that particular career.

Salary for Digital Marketing:

  • Beginners – Rs(5000-12000)/month
  • Intermediate – Rs(20000-40000)/month
  • Advanced – Rs(70000+)/month

Content Writing

Do you love writing? If yes, then content writing is assuredly for you. Everything you see on the internet is somehow connected to content writing. A complete content writer must know about copywriting (Product Description) as well as creative writing (Social Media Posts). And the SEO for sure.

You actually don’t need any degree in content writing. But you need to be competent in; Grammar, Interested in deep research., and good command of any language. If you meet these basics, then you’re welcome to become a successful content writer. You’ll get several videos on YouTube regarding the few basics for content writing.

Salary for Content Writing:

  • Beginners – Rs(5000-10000)/month
  • Intermediate – Rs(15000-35000)/month
  • Advanced – Rs(65000+)/month


As same as YouTube, Blogging is also one of the fastest-growing industries in this digital world. The only difference is, it’s Vlogging on YouTube, and here it’s Blogging. There you need to make videos, and here you need to write blogs. It’s a stunning feeling to begin a web blog and a chance to put yourself out there and grow in manners you never figured you could.

Always remember that you won’t succeed in blogging by accident. You need to put in a lot of effort. Sometimes even the thought of quitting can get in your way. But when your readers start visiting your website, again and again, that’s where you start winning. And trust me, it will be all about you. You just need to express yourself, and you can start earning. There are a lot of videos on YouTube from where you can learn how to start a blogging website for free.

Salary for Blogging:

Here you will be your own boss, you won’t get a salary, but I’ll tell you the ways of earning money via a blogging website. You can get to learn more of this on YouTube. Just type the below keyword, and lots of videos will be there. Once you get fully into it, you can undoubtedly make a six-figure income.

  • Google Adsense
  • Brand Endorsement
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Direct Advertisement, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Are you a social media addict? Are you creative? Well, for starting this, you need to know how every social media works. This means you must know about all the social media handles. The three important work you can offer is; Management, Strategy, and consulting.

All these steps go hand in hand. For example – If you don’t know how to manage social media, you can’t build a strategy, and if you don’t know how to build strategy, you can’t go into consulting. So you need to begin with the basics and later build yourself up as you keep learning. Social media marketing specialists are in high demand, so you should start this ASAP. You can find many SMM courses online.

Salary for Social Media Marketing:

Salary for SMM differs from client to client. The exact value is tough to measure. It can be much more than the numbers given below.

  • Beginners – Rs(3000-7000)/month
  • Intermediate – Rs(12000-25000)/month
  • Advanced – Rs(40000+)/month

Film/Video Editing

Well, in today’s world, every industry needs a video editor who can make creative, illustrative, and animated videos as per their requirement. It’s a little different from graphics designing. There we need to express our thoughts and ideas in the form of drawing, but here we do the same thing via video. But let me tell you that if someone has combined knowledge of graphic designing and video editing, then he will definitely earn a lot of money.

You can learn this skill easily if you are into video editing or you know the basics about it. It is also going to accelerate in the near future.

Salary for Film/Video Editing:

  • Beginners – Rs(7000-15000)/month
  • Intermediate – Rs(22000-32000)/month
  • Advanced – Rs(60000+)/month

Graphic Designing

Do you love drawing? If you are creative and art is your passion, then you’re a perfect fit for graphic designing. It’s all about finding inventive and creative solutions for someone else’s needs. Graphic designing is all about executing your ideas and thoughts in digital form via some software tools.

Almost everything you see around is a design. The scope in this field is increasing day by day. But always remember, if you are not interested in designing or if you are not a creative-minded person, then this may not be for you. But if you are then, you must choose this.

Salary for Graphic Designing:

  • Beginners – Rs(7000-14000)/month
  • Intermediate – Rs(20000-30000)/month
  • Advanced – Rs(50000+)/month

Data Entry

Do you have a good typing speed? Do you know about MS Office? If yes, then it’s well and good, but if not, I would recommend you to learn all these skills before applying for a data entry job. It isn’t much difficult; you can easily learn these skills within a week. Data entry is actually entering hard document files of a company into their computer system.

There are many videos regarding data entry on YouTube and other platforms. You can easily learn these skills for free and start earning. There is nothing like you need specific talent to start this job. Anyone can learn these skills (MS Office and Typing) and can go for this.

Salary for Data Entry:

  • Beginners – Rs(4000-8000)/month
  • Intermediate – Rs(14000-20000)/month
  • Advanced – Rs(40000+)/month


A little knowledge and you are about to earn six figures per month. Sounds great, isn’t it? Well, here you need a few skills, and they are: Website creation and copywriting. If you combine these two skills, you have no idea how much you can earn per month. But, the first things first. You need to build trust with your customers. And if you successfully did this, no one can stop you.

Dropshipping is all about selling products via your own website, and you don’t even have to maintain any inventory. That means no inventory = no loss. It’s a win-win situation here. So if you know about all this, you should definitely go for this.

Salary for Dropshipping:

The average earning of a drop shipper is between 10000 to 200000 per month. It can be more than that and less too. It all depends on how many sales you complete per month. Larger the audience, the higher the sales.

A Piece of Advice

I think I have answered the question How to Earn Money Online as a Student? Moreover, I have given all the information regarding salaries in each of them.

I recommend you select your work accordingly. I mean, don’t go with the salaries. Because in the end, it will all depend on your willingness to work in that particular field. If you really like doing that work, even when you don’t get paid, then you should go along.

Well, along with earning, you need to learn some habits which will actually help you from a book called The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires by Author Brian Tracy. Here you can read the summary of the book with key points.

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