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Growcify Review: How does Growcify help business owners get their eCommerce app within 24 hours?

We all know how many small businesses were affected due to the lockdown and other factors implemented due to this corona outbreak. And after that, we came to know that just having a physical store is not enough. Having an online store is a must to overcome any such tough situation. However, many medium and small-sized business owners find it difficult to start and operate an online store. But, Growcify is helping businesses to launch their e-commerce app, which is easy to handle, and that too within just 24 hours. Let me tell you briefly about Growcify.

What is Growcify?

Growcify is an IT company (SaaS platform) helping small and medium-sized businesses launch their e-commerce app within 24hours after registration. Established in the year 2020 – Meghraj Suthar, Co-Founder & CTO, and Shivam Mishra, Co-Founder & CEO. Its headquarter is in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and is currently having less than 10 employees. It aims to help enterprises have their own e-commerce app, eliminating big players that used to make higher commissions. It focuses more on creating an app that is easily accessible without any higher technical knowledge.

About the Owners

Shivam Mishra And Meghraj Suthar are the Co-Founders of growcify.

Shivam (CEO) has more than 4 years of diversified experience in multinational companies, non-governmental organizations, and start-up companies. He also leads international projects with clients such as IKEA.

Meghraj (CTO) is a Software engineer with more than 4 years of experience in customers in Ireland, the United States, and the UAE. He has also served as the Mozilla spokesperson for the Mozilla Foundation for more than 3 years. He likewise compiled two books.

How Growcify Came into Existence?

The idea came into existence around April 2020, during the start of the pandemic. Meghraj, who is extensively utilized to take on a few freelance projects. He acquired multiple requests from shop owners to create an eCommerce app for them.

The idea to create this was similar to Shopify’s model for the eCommerce app and to provide an excellent and top-quality product at a reasonable price. Then they came up with the concept for Growcify.

While developing this product, they cared more about the feedback received from different customers. Then added all the features that any business needs. They continued the execution of customers’ feedback. The team keeps improvising the merchandise and adding new features.

Growcify is powered by “Localites Community Private Limited” a travel space venture which is owned and directed by Shivam and Meghraj.

Growcify received an Emergent Ventures grant of $10,000 in November 2020, inside just two months after founding their company! And after that, they have received an additional $10,000 as a grant amount from Emergent Ventures again; taking their total grant raise to $20,000!

As of August 2021, growcify has helped businesses generate sales of over INR 5 Million. They reached 1Million in 7.5 months and another 1 Million in just 40 days. And now they’re on 5 Million in the next 60 days after reaching 2 Million.

What features does growcify offer on its app?

4-Mode App

growcify app is available in 4-modes; Owner, Delivery, Vendor & Customer. Everyone can access according to their need and work.

Have your own brand name

Everything is under the customer brand name. You can decide the color & logo of your app. Growcify won’t brand itself on your app. Everything will be done as per your suggestion.

Access to Single & Multi-Vendor

You can access it as a single vendor or multi-vendor. Choose as per your convenience.

Unlimited listings

You can list an unlimited number of categories, products, customers, orders, etc. There aren’t any limitations regarding this.

Easy Management

You get easy access to the Sales & Inventory Dashboard panel where you can manage your orders, inventory, etc. It’s easy to handle without any higher technical knowledge.

Joined online payments

Integrated with payment gateways, you only need to add your bank account where you want your funds to be received. All are done by a single app, no need to have any other payment apps.

Offer deals and discounts coupons

You can create coupons and deals in the dashboard, and customers can easily apply to that while placing the order.

Membership and subscriptions

This is available only in the Premium plan. Here your customer can subscribe to any product and receive it on a weekly or monthly basis.

You can define your membership like the one who joined the membership will get a discount on several products.

Shipment across India

Partnered with logistics organizations to assist delivery everywhere throughout India. Nice! Isn’t it? You don’t even have to worry about the shipment.

What are the benefits of growcify?

Here are the benefits of growcify which makes it the best-

  1. Starting at just Rs499 monthly 
  2. Available at a very affordable price
  3. Applications are made available within a day.
  4. Quick cash withdrawal by the business owners
  5. No commission for any order or transaction
  6. Translation availability in 9 local languages

How to register your business on growcify?

You can register on growcify in just 5-10 minutes with its easy onboard process. Click on this link.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Follow these 6-Steps to get it done.

  1. STEP-1

    Sign-up using your Mobile Number.

  2. STEP-2

    Create your business profile and register it.

  3. STEP-3

    Choose the plan which suits your business.

  4. STEP-4

    Upload your logo and select your app color.

  5. STEP-5

    Here you have to make categories and add items.

  6. STEP-6

    Now proceed to payment and activate your account.

You will then receive your application within 24 hours.

How much does Growcify cost?

They have distributed their pricing in 3+1 channels.

  • Android + Dashboard – Rs14,999 for lifetime
  • Android + iOS + Dashboard – Rs19,999
  • Everything + Listing – Rs24,999, And
  • Growcify Premium – 49,999

It is also available on a monthly basis.

The pictures below will make it clear. Check it out. There are features of every channel along with the price. 

Grocify pricing |
Growcify Pricing | Source- Growcify
grocify premium |
Growcify Premium | Source- Growcify

You can check out the prices of other countries at this link.

How to become a Growcify Business Partner?

  • Once you’ve agreed to partner with Growcify, you’ll be trained about product details to deepen your understanding. You won’t have to pay for this. After your training, you’ll get an employment certificate from Growcify with the date of becoming a member on it. However, you won’t be on the payrolls of Growcify.
  • You may terminate this partnership at any time by giving 2 days’ prior notice. You’ll get an experience letter from Growcify.
  • You’ll be responsible for generating customers for Growcify, and have to track your leads, and be liable for the onboarding of customers till their final payment. You should have to give a week-by-week update about the improvement in phrases of produced leads, directed demo meetings, and so on as concurred by your detailing director.
  • The commission will be paid to you after 2 days of your client’s final payment. Commission rates are listed below have a look at them. Rates are subject to change from the date of publication of the new policy.
Growcify Business partner Commission
Growcify Business Partner Commission | Source- Growcify

Growcify – App on Google Play

It has a rating of 4.5/5 on the google play store and has about 1000+ downloads, size 13 MB, and requires Android 5.0 and above. It is available at no cost.

Growcify – App on Apple Store

It has a rating of 5/5 on the apple app store and its size is 30.3 MB, and requires iOS 11.0 and above. It is available at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Growcify is available in how many countries?

It is available in 12 countries. India, Canada, France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Australia, UAE, UK, and USA.

Are there any maintenance charges on the Growsify plan?

Yes, however, it begins after the 2nd year onwards. Around Rs7500 per year maintenance charge is applicable on all Lifetime plans.

Does Growcify charge any kind of commission?

No, growcify doesn’t charge any kind of commission.


I think Growcify is doing a great job because we know what this pandemic has done to small shoppers. Along with this, you do not need to panic due to such reasons. It is a problem-solving start-up that helps its customers with what they demand. It’s like you give them a list of things that need to be done and they will give you the best out of that. And surprisingly, all of this is available at a reasonable price. Overall this is the best platform from where you can take your business online.

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.

Bill Gates

Hope we made it clear and easy to get through.

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